Our Growing Practices


While we are not government certified as organic, our products are raised using practices and methods that meet or exceed organic standards.

We use a bottom up approach to raising our products. We believe that the soil is our most important resource as well as the key to the production of fresh, delicious, nutrient dense food. Using “deep organic” methods of soil management, we are able to grow a wide variety in abundant amounts without the need of chemical inputs. We also use technologies available to extend our season even producing during what would typically be the dormant time.

We use organic and non gmo seeds. For weed control, our first step is preventing them in the first place! We use a permanent raised bed system that we “sterilize” by covering and killing off the weeds with lack of sunlight before they have a chance to grow. We do not use any pesticides or herbicides, we use our hands or a hoe to pull weeds. Hard work but it is worth it!

For fertilizer we use primarily compost. If we need more for high feeder plants we use certified organic poultry manure based product. All our greenhouse potting mixes are certified organic also.