Goodlife Hybridizing Program

Our early work focused on two different red varieties we developed and the orange daylily Coleman Hawkins, developed by Dan Bachman. Starting with a hobby collection of about 50 plants the garden has grown, every pun intended, to nearly 3000 of our own seedlings. Our interest continues to be pretty broad with nearly every color, size and shape of flower making up the garden. We have been collecting a wide range of genetics with the goal of developing showy flowers on hardy, vigorous plants.

With the addition on the Bachman hybridizing program we expect to add those great varieties known for their vigor and unusual form to ours for some exciting results.


A personal favorite, our blue daylilies have many forms and we are currently introducing patterns with some exciting results.


These daylilies are some of the most striking flowers in the garden with many unusual forms.


Unusual and often unpredictable, these daylilies are always eye catching.


One of our goals is to put the pretty face on a vigorous plant that perform well in the landscape. 


Our original hybridizing work began with Dan Bachman’s Coleman Hawkins. Most recently Jamie Gossard’s Heavenly New Frontiers has given us some great results.


Producing a large vigorous Red daylily has been a main focus of our hybridizing work. Several of our 2019 seedlings look very promising.


Purple and black daylilies in varying size and exciting forms. Most recently Gossard’s Back in Black and Black Sensation have given us some exciting results


Our open style daylilies are continuing to evolve and expand in color options. We are continuing to improve the vigor of this type.